Tamed 02


“Tamed: changed by man from naturally wild state into a taxable, domesticated or cultivated condition.”


Materials: Real leaves- metallised with zinc, found metal.


Inspired by industrial processes Rusak started exploring ways of preserving natural materials. After collecting large amounts of discarded leaves, he made an effort to explore creative methods of conserving them. By using a newly adopted thermo-coating technology, he started metallising organic materials. Artist wanted to find answers to his questions- How can nature last, be immortalised But what is more interesting - how can it change from a living stage to a preserved stage and what happens in between the stages? What happens when you coat leaves with metal and what happens after that, when they perish? Is the metal “skin” the only thing left?


By letting “nature” dictate the process and the outcome of the pieces, Rusak wanted to maintain intrinsic sculptural qualities of the objects. He wanted to highlight the transformation of this natural and raw material (foliage) into an object made by human hand. Transformation produced not just an object, but knowledge about nature and behaviour of the materials.


The light enables the viewer to discover intriguing details that are brought back after the polishing process. The light transforms the pieces again, giving them life like qualities.