An incubator where the ideas are nourished, by the fertile environment formed within. As they grow they begin to transform and merge - with a great vigilance we explore their potential and investigate their inner structures. We are there to make sure their requirements are met, but they never cease to surprise us. Overwhelmed with their capacity, we make mistakes. In order to find solutions we search the maze of the unfamiliar possibilities


Entangled within, we suddenly find ourselves beset by the power of natural Processes. Intoxicated with the ephemerality of decay one finds himself helpless, faced with its powerful forces.

The cruelty of time and nature, makes us wonder - can it be tamed? Can the ageing process be stretched, prolonged, shrunk or paused? Are we capable of preserving something synonymous with the ephemeral?


We seem to be stunned and incapable of answering. Yet suddenly we realise we have left the maze. We are now standing out in the open holding what seems to be a palpable memory of our journey.

The processes have thickened and condensed into most elaborate Materials - Synthesis of decay which leaves you pensive with the promise of its metamorphosis. An organic tissue forever blossoming inside the frozen tract or a metallic shell which carries on the consciousness of what has perished long before.

Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak (born in 1987, Warsaw, Poland) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. Specializing in storytelling, process and material investigation his work often incorporates research, object and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details of our lives which recreated and re-imagined are shown again in a different light.

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When the family history of over 100 years of flower growers in central Warsaw ended with my birth, I felt there was nothing of a grower in myself.

What I remember from growing up in my family home surrounded by abandoned glass houses is mostly their textured and rough industrial materiality and the presence of disappearance and decay at every step I took while constantly exploring their ghostly landscapes – glass, dry air, warmth, rust, zinc planters, pipes, machines, pumps, and multiple structures of unknown functionality.

Filled with archaeological like discoveries, they remained quiet and empty but almost opulent in their multiple traces of living elements from bacteria, to weeds and dry soil evident in every metal container. Glass houses, where the life and growth of nature is controlled, became synonymous with a
personal history intertwined with the impermanent nature of the material world and memories alike.

Selected Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

5 – 10 September 2021. Unnatural Practice. Ordet, Milan, Italy.


8 October 2021- January 2022: Young Poland, William Morris Gallery, London, UK


11-14 November 2021 Westbund Shanghai: CoBrA Gallery, Shanghai, China.


26 November 2021- 29 January 2022: Wilder than Wildness Itself: Make Hauser & Wirth, Somerset, UK.


1-5 December 2021 Flora Contemporaria: Twenty First Gallery, Design Miami, Miami, USA.




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