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A creative incubator where ideas emerge and are nourished by the manmade environment formed within its walls. It's a space dedicated to research, investigation and experimentation. A habitat where each concept becomes a starting point for a complex dialogue between process and materials. It is here that a physical form is given to the impalpable concept, which sustains each project and its final outcome. What becomes of it – varies in shape and function. Its materiality fluctuates from decaying and perishable to lasting preservation. But the true lifespan of the objects created within the laboratory, is dependent on the conditions prevalent outside of it.

Process & Materials

Forever intertwined, the processes and materials constitute the matter of our objects. Entangled within their ongoing dialogue, we find ourselves mesmerised by the restlessness of the natural processes. The cruelty of time and forever transforming force of decay makes us wonder – can it be tamed? Can the ageing process be stretched, prolonged, shrunk or paused? Can the ephemeral become preserved? We continue to observe the growing palette of processes and strive to give them a physical form. The materials created become a document – a recording of a memory.

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Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak (born in 1987, Warsaw, Poland) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. A grandson of a flower grower whose life's mission was to create hybrid species by cross-pollinating different strains of plants. While Rusak’s interest may vary from his grandfather's, he also sees flowers as a representation of a physical palette which enables him to investigate possibilities hidden within the different processes. Specializing in storytelling and material, the artist often integrates research, objects and installations with a visual narration in order to explore the omitted details of the ordinary, and shed a new light on the recreated and reimagined entities.

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Upcoming exhibitions

Contributions, Paris, France: 16–22 October 2023.

Vas Florum, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, France: 19 October – 22 December 2023.

The Banquet of Wonders: Delighting in the World, Château Perrier, Épernay, France: Until 11 December 2023.

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