Milan 2020

Marcin Rusak, Unnatural Practice

Curated by Federica Sala

c/o Ordet

Marcin Rusak’s work traces his field of action between scientific research and the aesthetic sublimation of transformation processes. Since his first formal research, his chosen field of investigation has been that of nature, seen as an inexhaustible source of new materials and above all new processes.

In his work, flowers, leaves and plants then become elements to be studied, analysed under the microscope, reconstructed and transformed into raw material and subsequently designed. Almost as in a laboratory, Marcin Rusak’s study is organized according to the criteria of research and its phases: analysis, observation and experimentation until the definition of a new process methodology capable of transforming a natural element into a material. But as in a life cycle, the new material itself becomes the subject of the subsequent investigation, becoming a natural artefact in perpetual design mutation thanks to the use of techniques that act as unnatural grafts.

The exhibition, organised in the premises of Ordet, a platform for artistic and cultural production, presents for the first time the totality of the research and subsequent production phases that mark Marcin Rusak’s collections. From the Proustian sublimation of decay in the very first series of Perishable Vases – now also presented in a version of suspended temporality, as if they were on a planet without oxygen – to the very recent collections of Protoplasting Nature, in which vegetable elements are petrified in metal or resin, opening a new path back to the formal Art Nouveau we know and advancing a new design era.

Marcin Rusak collects and dissects, crystallises and destroys natural elements, giving them new life or transforming them into effigies of themselves in the name of an aesthetic path. But in this process of temporal crystallisation, what never escapes us is the intrinsic movement of life and nature, whose elements, though suspended in their decay, continue to decay with a slow trajectory that teaches us the passage of time and the value of its mutation.

Marcin Rusak’s collections are therefore a great living ecosystem of objects that enclose a vital element whose evolutionary cycle is not only not exhausted but becomes the basis for the subsequent-metamorphosis.

Ordet, Via Adige 17, 20135, Milan

Monday 20th – Sunday 26th April from 10 am to 7 pm

Preview Sunday 19th April from 7 to 10 pm