Flora Curved Credenza 295

Flora Curved Credenza 295 is composed of intersecting solid aluminium planes supporting a translucent black resin body with curved corners, consisting of leaves and flowers. Finished in waxed aluminium and polished resin.

Flora Temporaria: The surface has a painterly quality and is reminiscent of a dark pond or Flemish painting, with large leaves sitting just below the water’s surface, mesmerising in silvery tones of colour and form.

Dimensions and Weight

71 (H) x 295 (W) x 81 (D) cm

27.9 (H) x 116.1 (W) x 31.8 (D) inches

200 kg (approximately)

550 lbs (approximately)



Selected and processed real flowers and leaves, resin, waxed aluminium.


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