Nature Of Things: Sculpture No.2

Perishable Pieces from Nature of Things installation toured for a year around Britain as part of Jerwood Makers Open 2017 exhibition. Through natural conditions such as high temperature and humidity, the objects started to transform- they melted, collapsed and rot.

Shapes of the pieces reference the material culture that surrounds us. Just like objects of everyday use, which are often designed with planned obsolescence (printers, phones, cars), these sculptures also have a limited lifespan dictated by the natural processes that overtake them. This process is intrinsic to their beauty and value.

Nature of Things is thus an installation in constant flux that completes itself in the process. The visitor is invited to a symbolic alternative universe, in which the process of decay is regarded as progression.


200 (H) x 290 (W) x 70 (D) cm

78.7 (H) x 114.2 (W) x 27.6 (D) inches



Steel, reinforced glass, found metal, flowers, organic binders: shellack, clay, sand, flour.


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