Nature Of Things: Sculpture No.5

Installation entitled “Nature of Things” consists of 40 Perishable Pieces. Shapes of the pieces reference domestic items and architectural forms at different stages of decay. The viewer is invited to a symbolic alternative universe, in which the process of decay is regarded as progression.

When I was looking for forms to create with my perishable material, I searched for discarded metal objects, imagining that these would offer a contrasting idea of permanence. In fact, I discovered that metal too is ephemeral – corroding, rusting, crumbling, – with a similar beauty.

The installation enables to reflect on the contemporary consumerism culture, exposing and embracing the processes of decay, destruction, renewal and reconstruction through these perishable and ephemeral objects. Stimulating questions about history and future scenarios for making. Experimenting with the processes of deconstruction I wanted the viewers to focus on the impermanence of objects and therefore their unique relationship with them. The installation initiates this almost uncomfortable desire of wanting to preserve them, a non-physical relation which lasts as long as we consciously foster it.

I strongly believe, it is the objects we value that will outgrow the everyday and become representatives of our times.


Flowers, found metal, organic binders: shellack, tree resins, flour, sugar, sand, clay.


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