Perma 01

Perma is a series of sculptural objects that draw on the familiarity of functional furniture but live as individual manifestations.

Like the veins in marble or cavities in fossilised stones, Perma’s beauty can be found in imperfections and the meticulous detail of floral cross-sections. Sourced from the excess accumulated by florists, the discarded flowers are given a new life cycle by becoming a permanent part of the material. Bound by resin and then machined lengthwise, the surface reveals a new world of natural adornment, wherein petals, stems, and buds unveil the anatomical arrangement of their shapes and properties. The pattern they create is an unexpected array of colour combinations interweaved with sculptural forms, creating elaborate painterly effects.

Marcin’s hand-drawn forms develop into a structural assemblage of planes, conjuring up imagery reminiscent of household objects. Perma contextualises these forms; the pieces become a medium for illustrating their main quality – ubiquitous ornamentation that is not constructed nor dictated. The aesthetic is determined by nature itself and is a representation of the intricacy levels that flower architecture can achieve. The non-homogenous structures combined with tonal variations result in a completely unique quality and visual experience.

Available through Sarah Myerscough Gallery.


138 (H) x 154 (W) x 84 (D) cm

54.3 (H) x 60.6 (W) x 33.1 (D) inches



Real flowers and leaves, resin.


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