Protoplasting Nature 04

The reference comes from a 16th/17th-century Polish wooden cabinet, made after the Northern European baroque style, in which decoration was hand-carved and imitated the seasons and local flora. 

The piece centres on the process of time, decay, collapse, death and life in a co-creation and relationship between humans, various species and industrial materials. Discarded leaves are collated at different stages of their life cycle, from freshly cut, to decaying and naturally dried over time, transforming from lively greens into gentle silvery bronzes.

Created from organic ingredients, the piece has an element of life on its own. Processes of deconstruction, renewal and reconstruction make the viewer focus on the impermanence of the object and, therefore, their unique relationship with it. By utilising a variety of new materials and techniques to produce objects that alter rapidly in appearance or simply disappear, Marcin Rusak hopes the viewers will pick up the threads and discover their own connections between the pieces and the surrounding material world.

Floral representation provides a hint of the allure of distant cultures; a work one can imagine encountering in a mythical kingdom correlates with Victor Horta’s philosophy of bringing the exterior of the natural world indoors. 


170 (H) x 200 (W) x 70 (D) cm

67 (H) x 39 (W) x 27.5 (D) inches



Real leaves coated in resin, steel structure.


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