Flora Material


The Flora collection results from years of research exploring natural aesthetics and material significance.

Colour Palette:

Misty White
Clear Amber
Brunswick Green

Composition of Flowers:



Selection of Flowers:







Supporting Materials:



Inspired by the desire to capture and preserve the perishable beauty of flowers, the Flora material combines natural material with resin to create functional and decorative objects that are both durable and timeless. In the Flora Temporaria version, the material acquires a special depth and the flowers infused in the resin float under a shiny surface, reminiscing Flemish still lifes. Everything from collecting and processing the botanic matter, encapsulating it in cast resin, to setting the material is done by hand in our studio. We make several compositions, and only when the effect is satisfactory do we translate it into the material.


We offer custom samples for you to present to your clients or to keep in your material library. It usually takes us up to 6-8 weeks to produce and ship a new resin sample. We kindly request our clients to return the samples to our studio after 4-6 weeks, unless otherwise agreed.


• The Flora panels can be customised to meet individual requirements. Each demand is carefully examined, and the feasibility of every customisation is confirmed on a case-by-case basis. The Flora panels can be curved according to the specifications given. They can also be CNC’ed into a desired, free-form shape. The material can be backlit, or supported with a honeycomb / aluminium sheet for additional strength and functional features. All joints and wallhanging systems can be seamlessly integrated in the design to create an elegant, coherent whole.

• Minimum Thickness: to best expose the floral component of the material, the recommended minimum thickness of the Flora material is 35 mm. In certain projects, the thickness can be minimised to 25 mm.

• The maximum dimensions of a Flora panel are 400 x 140 cm. The panels can be assembled to create a monolithic surface.

• Yacht use: You can use the Flora material on a yacht. However, it is important to note that the Flora material has its limitations – it is intended for indoor use only, as humidity, saltiness and UV light may affect its appearance and condition. The resins used in the Flora material are never 100% UV-stable and may fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight (this process is prolonged and may take up several years, but please be aware of that). We have implemented the Flora material in tabletops, bar panels and cabinets, but we do not recommend it for bathrooms or kitchens.

• Water resistance: It is not recommended for the resin to have immediate contact with water. Humidity is not an issue.

• Flammability: Cured resin is fire-resistant and non-flammable. On a special request, we can order a special report from LS TUM.


Lead times vary depending on the type of order and our current schedule but generally range between 12-14 weeks for smaller pieces, and 22–28 for larger ones. Lead time begins with the receipt of payments. If possible, we can expedite orders down with a 30% markup.


The Flora material can be covered with an anti-scratch protective layer for extra safety. To properly take care of your Flora piece, please use a duster or a slightly moist, ultra-soft microfibre cloth. Please do not clean the surface with alcohol or any chemical-based cleaning solvents.

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