Interior Elements

Interior Elements

Special commissions for exceptional interiors. Boundless possibilities inspired by nature.

We are devoted to developing solutions that are not only elegant and timeless, but also reflect their owner’s passions, tastes, and personalities. Our materials prove their versatility in an array of custom-developed, commission-based projects, including exceptional pieces that merge functional objects with the surrounding space.

With endless possibilities of treatment, the Flora material proves its singularity in creating statement pieces for public and private interiors alike.

Based on flowers and resin, the material is entirely handmade in our studio in Europe. Whether polished in high-gloss, or machine-cut and matte-finished, walls finished with custom Flora or Perma materials envelop the space with sophisticated elegance, creating an intimate framework that binds the space together.

Wall panels based on the Flora and Perma material can be customised to meet individual requirements. Each demand is carefully examined, and the feasibility of every customisation is confirmed on a case-by-case basis. The material can be curved according to individual specifications, and CNC’ed into a desired, free-form shape. The material can also be backlit, or supported with a honeycomb / aluminium backing sheet for additional strength and functional features. All joints and wallhanging systems can be seamlessly integrated in the design to create a coherent composition.

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