Merging Metals Material

Merging Metals

Deep colours and rich textures emerge on the crossroads between the industrial and the handmade.

Available metal finishes:

Metal compositions:


(Zinc + Bronze)


(Bronze + Phosphor Bronze)


(Brass + Zinc)




Found Metal Objects:

Sourced partially from waste, the sculptural forms explore the diversity of shapes, colours and textures offered by various types of metal.

Original Texture



The metal spraying technique used for the Merging Metals collection derives from large-scale industrial manufacturing processes, where it is used as an alternative to hot-dip galvanising. At Marcin Rusak Studio, we experiment with applying various types of metal, from zinc to brass, bronze and copper onto metal surfaces that we treat as a painterly canvases, using a heat gun as one would use spray paint or an airbrush. The thermocoating technique enables us to use as little material as possible, while retaining a solid metal effect.


Metal samples are available upon request. We kindly request our clients to return the samples to our studio after 4-6 weeks, unless otherwise agreed.


Each piece is fully customisable in terms of sizes and finishes. The metallisation process can be applied to different surfaces, including wall panels.


Lead times vary depending on the type of order and our current schedule, but generally range between 22-28 weeks for the Merging Metals collection and up to 6 months for the Found Metal Objects. Lead time begins with the receipt of payment.


The Merging Metals objects are sealed (varnished or oiled) for protection. To properly take care of the surface, please use a moist soft cotton cloth with mild soap and warm water for cleaning. Do not use any solvent- or acetone-based cleaners as they will affect the finish. More persistent stains can be cleaned with alcohol-based window cleaner. It is recommended to wipe the flat surfaces clean after stain removal to avoid any streaks. Always use place mats or coasters as protection against scrathes from glass or tableware.

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