Tephra Credenza 225 Brass

Buried underneath layers of bronze and black patina, an assemblage of once discarded flowers balances between life and death. The sculptural, bas-relief-inspired unique piece is one of the first ones in the studio to implement patinated bronze, in rough, textured finish. The patinated bronze floral panels are mounted on Marcin Rusak’s signature minimalist frame made with sheets of solid brass.

Tephra: The dark iteration of Tephra Credenza offers a unique depth to the material, bringing the piece closer to its geological archetype.

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 225 cm | 88.58 inches

Weight: 260 kg (approximately) | 573.202 lbs (approximately)



Selected and processed flowers and leaves, steel wire, jute fabric, zinc, bronze (patinated, textured finish), solid brass (patinated finish).


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